One Health was founded by health care experts who bring perspective from around the globe. We believe we have created the right solution for patients through the delivery of integrated and clinically appropriate care. Health care has become too complicated and we strive to make it simple for you!

Our founding team is comprised of clinicians, health care executives and operational experts who have developed a system that works simply and efficiently.

From scheduling, clinic visits, discharge and billing there are no frills, just affordable care that makes sense. Whether you or a family member are seeking access to care for an acute injury or illness, chronic disease management, imaging and other ancillaries, or elective cosmetic procedures there’s only ONE place to go.


One Health is improving the quality of healthcare for patients through a value-based, fully integrated healthcare delivery system.  Patients are treated for the majority of their health needs through a systemic approach, that makes their care more affordable.

Our state of the art clinical settings provide a comprehensive and team based healthcare solution for you. We want you to have input and be part of the decision making about your healthcare. At One Health, you are not a number; our team recognizes the vulnerabilities that every patient has when seeking care. As such, we tailor your care to your individual needs. Lets face it together because healthcare can be complicated, frustrating and scary, let us lead you through it!


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No matter your area of expertise, you will be challenged in your role to view the world through the lens of the patient and challenged to engage in the daily dialogue about bringing the One Health experience to patients around the world in a meaningful and personal manner. If this sounds exciting to you, we want to talk.