Even before COVID, LGBTQ

Jayne O’Donnell for OneHealth  “Even before COVID, LGBTQ+ youth faced a high risk of homelessness: The pandemic only made things worse.”  By Sarah Gandluri and Sydney Johnson  Urban Health Media Project  Special to the Washington Blade   WASHINGTON — Squashed between friends on a plush couch at a shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ young people, Jada Doll […]

How Mindfulness Helps You Shed Your Masks 

Coming out as a gay man was terrifying for Charles Hargobind, but mindfulness helped him step into his authentic self with confidence.  BY STEPHANIE DOMET APRIL 10, 2019  Source: https://www.mindful.org/how-mindfulness-helps-you-shed-your-masks/  Charles Hargobind knows the Mindfulness Ambassador Program he leads from both sides of the desk. In his work with Mindfulness Without Borders, he’s tasked with leading […]

How Mindfulness Can Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Dr. Gio Iacono is developing mindfulness-based programming that is accessible, safe, and supportive for young people of sexual and gender minorities.  BY AVA WHITNEY-COULTER APRIL 9, 2021  Source: https://www.mindful.org/how-mindfulness-can-support-lgbtq-youth/  Dr. Gio Iacono is calling on people in the field of mindfulness to pay attention to LGBTQ+ youth.   “Traditional mental health approaches just are not meeting […]

The BASICS of Mindful Eating 

by Lynn Rossy NOVEMBER 28, 2021  Source: https://www.mindful.org/the-basics-of-mindful-eating/   How often do you sit down to eat with no screens and when you’re not on the move? Lynn Rossy shares how slowing down and paying attention to our meals can help us know what our body needs and when.  I often teach what I need to […]

The Often-Missing Ingredient in Healthy Eating 

Mindful eating often starts with a kinder outlook toward ourselves. From there, we’re in a better position to make decisions about foods that satisfy hunger.  BY MARSHA HUDNALL NOVEMBER 27, 2019  Source: https://www.mindful.org/self-compassion-the-often-missing-ingredient-in-healthy-eating/  During another tough day at work, Mary realizes she forgot to eat lunch. She’s starving. The salad she brought that day doesn’t […]

A Mindful Approach to Emotional Eating 

by Lynn Rossy We often judge ourselves for “eating our feelings,” but we don’t have to. Allowing food to help soothe us in the moment can be an opportunity for kind self-awareness, as can exploring a variety of other ways to calm and work with difficult emotions.  It’s an overcast winter day. I haven’t been […]

Is Mental Fitness Part of Your Workout Routine? 

by Cara Bradley Mindful movement specialist and author Cara Bradley explains how we can cross-train for our mental health, the same way we cross-train for physical fitness.  During another tough day at work, Mary realizes she forgot to eat lunch. She’s starving. The salad she brought that day doesn’t appeal, especially when her office mate […]