OneHealth offers coaching and resources  to promote an overall healthier lifestyle, whether it’s to lose weight, restore bodily confidence, cope with living with a disease, or learn to recognize health risks and destructive patterns. 


We believe that when you look and feel your best, you radiate confidence and feel more ready to take on the world and have new experiences. Our coaches can help you improve the way your body looks and feels, while also offering support and guidance throughout every step of your journey.

We advocate having a healthy relationship with your body and making decisions that will improve your overall health and confidence.

Personable, empathetic coaches that are experienced in this sector

Healthy habits encouraged, so that you can learn to love and appreciate your body

Confidential sessions that offer unique, personalized solutions for your individual concerns

Guidance on how to cope with a disease or how to recognize destructive patterns

Our Experience Speaks For Itself!

OneHealth’s Certified Life Coaches have provided thousands of hours of direct service for people coping with a variety of different personal, social, and emotional conditions, helping them to actively and powerfully reconnect with life!

Resources To Explore your bodies appearance, the way you feel, the way you look, and your overall health

Should I Be Worried if My Family Has a Long History of Heart Disease and Early Death?
  • Certain types of heart disease, such as heart defects, can’t be prevented. However, you can prevent many other types of heart disease by living a healthy lifestyle.  This means: quit smoking, daily exercise, healthy eating, manage stress, regular health screenings.

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How Do I Tell My Family I Have HIV?
  • Having a communicable disease can be extremely difficult to cope with.  Learn the facts about treatment from your health care provider.  Get support from CHS in addressing the Stigma and ways to live a happy, normal life.

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Can Anxiety Cause Me to Have a Heart Attack?
  • If you suffer from severe anxiety you may notice your heart racing which may increase anxiety and even lead to a panic attack.  These symptoms can be addressed through learning effective ways to relax such as yoga, deep breathing, guided imagery or other mindfulness activities.

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Will Exercise Help My Mental and Physical Wellbeing?
  • We all know the importance of exercise in becoming physically fit.  Did you know that when you exercise brain chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are released.  These brain chemicals help to regulate your mood!

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What Are Some Common Signs of an Eating Disorder?
  • Many people have poor eating habits, but if you find that you or a loved ones eating, exercise or body weight/shape has become an unhealthy preoccupation reach out to your health care provider or OneHealth Coach to get back on track.

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What’s All the Hype About Yoga?
  • Glad you asked!  Yoga can increase flexibility, strength and balance.  It can ease back and arthritis pain, relaxes you, gives you a boost of energy (good mood) and helps to manage your stress.

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Do I Need To Lose Weight?
  • Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight. The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared. A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI applies to most adults 18-65 years.

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What Age Should I Get Screened for Colon Cancer?

Info about this topic

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How it Works?


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Discuss concerns and develop a personalized plan together


Watch yourself bloom and grow!


Can OneHealth’s coaches help me lose weight?

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How can I cope with having a serious disease or illness?

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How can I build healthier habits?

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Guidance on How to Recognize Health Risks and Destructive Patterns

Being in great health doesn’t come from making a good decision every now and then; it is a conscious effort that has to be incorporated into your everyday life. Our coaches can help lead you toward making the right decisions, and also continuing to follow through with them.

Personalized Skincare Products for Your Unique, Individual Goals

Learn Healthy Habits to Achieve Your Best Version of “You”

Our coaches have direct first-hand experience in assisting people with losing weight, improving bodily confidence, and incorporating healthy habits and goals into their lives. 

Your journey to achieving your best self won’t begin without taking the first step.

Let our coaches help transform your life today.

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