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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information, Advice and Surveillance


Clinically approved COVID-19 content

For any users concerned about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation please see our advice hub on this page. This hub contains regularly updated information on a variety of subjects and is updated as the situation or advice changes.


Patient Access COVID-19 symptom checker

For anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or concerned for any reason that they may have contracted it, we have built a bespoke COVID-19 symptom checker tool in which we can advise you on the appropriate course of action for your situation. Remember, if you are concerned that you may have symptoms of COVID-19 please complete our symptom checker before contacting your GP.


COVID-19 Symptom Surveillance

EMIS Health and Patient are committed to supporting the NHS to understand and tackle the epidemic facing our country and have worked in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioner’s Research & Surveillance Centre and the University of Oxford on this COVID-19 Symptom Surveillance tool.

It has been created to understand more about the distribution and characteristics of patients with symptoms of possible COVID-19 and the impact the virus is having upon them. If you are 16 years of age or older, please complete and share it if you have, or have had, symptoms possibly related to COVID-19. The tool is available here.


COVID-19 Q&A sessions

Our Clinical Director Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE has already hosted Q&A sessions with patients' questions. These may have answers to some of your questions and the videos are available here.

There will be future Q&A sessions taking place, details of which will be available here.


Patient Access

We have accelerated the rollout of video appointments to Patient Access GP and Community Pharmacy partners so they can conduct remote appointments with their patients.

If you are not currently a Patient Access user and would like to register for the service, you can do so here. This service is for UK residents only.


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