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Sorry if this is a daft question, but has anyone tested positive for covid 19 where digestive symptoms were main symptoms? I have been ill now for over a week with SEVERE abdominal p pain and severe diarrhea. Seems to be a 3 days cycle - start to get better then after day 3 am back to square one - feel as though I am trapped in a revolving door.

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This is interesting. I had explosive watery diarrhoea for a week recently with a couple of days elevated temperature on and off - 37.4 at most but I normally run on 36 or less. One morning I had a hint of aches - as if I was coming down with a cold but nothing else. I've been shielding since February due to my lung condition but I had been at the GP surgery to be fitted with an ECG monitor a few days before...

I didn't get tested as NHS online seemed to discount me as a possibility but now I'm wondering. I've seen reports that gastric problems might be the only symptom. If this is true then every 'tummy bug' has to be treated as possible covid. What a nightmare ..

If it was covid, hopefully I am home dry as I am several days clear of any symptoms.