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What’s a good shampoo without a luxurious conditioner by its side? Formulated with niacinamide to help support healthy hair growth, this conditioner can be used after our shampoo to pump up that flow with moisture.

Meet the ultimate overnight face cream. This vegan moisturizer deeply hydrates skin for overnight nourishment. Formulated with top-tier hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, baobab seed extract, and caffeine – the Goodnight Wrinkle Cream locks-in moisture overnight to repair dehydrated, dry skin.
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Moisture is key

Made with niacinamide, this conditioner bolsters and stimulates your strands to help hair appear thicker and fuller whenever it needs a boost.

Keep it smooth

After shampooing, wet hair and apply conditioner to scalp, roots, and ends of hair. Leave on for 1-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. No need to overdo it, less is more when it comes to moisturizing that flow.

Is conditioner necessary?

The 5% formulation of minoxidil (aka minoxidil 5) is a safe and effective hair regrowth treatment for men. In clinical studies, men using minoxidil 5 experienced 45% more hair regrowth than minoxidil 2. More hair, more better.

Hair Loss Conditioner

5 out of 5

“I'm picky about my conditioners, especially for hair regrowth. Some of them you have to leave on for a full 5 minutes, which is not convenient. This one, I apply for a few seconds and when I rinse it off I get controllable noticeably better looking hair. ”

Jagger999, April 22, 2021

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