Even before COVID, LGBTQ

Jayne O’Donnell for OneHealth  “Even before COVID, LGBTQ+ youth faced a high risk of homelessness: The pandemic only made things worse.”  By Sarah Gandluri and Sydney Johnson  Urban Health Media Project  Special to the Washington Blade   WASHINGTON — Squashed between friends on a plush couch at a shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ young people, Jada Doll […]

How Mindfulness Helps You Shed Your Masks 

Coming out as a gay man was terrifying for Charles Hargobind, but mindfulness helped him step into his authentic self with confidence.  BY STEPHANIE DOMET APRIL 10, 2019  Source: https://www.mindful.org/how-mindfulness-helps-you-shed-your-masks/  Charles Hargobind knows the Mindfulness Ambassador Program he leads from both sides of the desk. In his work with Mindfulness Without Borders, he’s tasked with leading […]

How Mindfulness Can Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Dr. Gio Iacono is developing mindfulness-based programming that is accessible, safe, and supportive for young people of sexual and gender minorities.  BY AVA WHITNEY-COULTER APRIL 9, 2021  Source: https://www.mindful.org/how-mindfulness-can-support-lgbtq-youth/  Dr. Gio Iacono is calling on people in the field of mindfulness to pay attention to LGBTQ+ youth.   “Traditional mental health approaches just are not meeting […]