How Does Having A “Clear Head” Help With Sleep

by Dr. James M. Ballard Ever figuratively try to fall asleep, but literally not be able to do so? Talk about frustrating. Lying in bed with eyes open, mind racing, and hope for an energetic next day fading with each passing second. In  2019, according to a Philips Global Sleep survey, this was the sad […]

Taking Care of Yourself During Times of Stress and/or Loss

by Claire N. Agard, PhD, CCTP 1. Maintain familiar daily routines, i.e. get out of bed, shower. get dressed. Relax in between periods  of work. Structure can be helpful during times of uncertainty so try to maintain a regular work and  break routine. Chose an activity you find relaxing. Engage in it during breaks (e.g. […]

How Do I Quiet My Noisy Mind?

by Claire N. Agard, PhD, CCTP One aspect of living in a fast-paced world is that many often long for just a few moments of quietude. Unfortunately, those  moments are elusive to a large swatch of the population. Rather, those would-be periods of tranquility are filled with  thoughts of things they did, have to do, […]

13 Signs of a Panic Attack

by Staff According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), there are thirteen possible signs of a panic attack. These symptoms can begin when you’re in a calm state or when you’re in an anxious state. At least four of these must be present in order for you to qualify as having experienced a panic […]

Anxiety Disorders

Claire N. Agard, PhD, CCTP, ADHD-CCSP   Overview  We all worry at some time in our lives. We worry that we’ll be unable to meet deadlines at school or at work, that we may have left the stove on, and about a myriad of things. Sometimes referred to as “nervousness”, this occasional worrying is a normal […]

The Importance of Managing Anxiety 

Donna H. Barnes, PhD, PCC  Anxiety often activates negative self-talk in our heads that cause us to imagine disturbing scenarios and serious doubts about our ability to cope, do new things, and handle whatever life brings. We often do not trust ourselves. This negative thinking can cause our body to react to certain beliefs by […]

Symptoms of Anxiety: They Do Not Look or Feel the Same for Everyone 

Dr. William Kuzbyt  Depending on your source, anxiety occurs in approximately 20% of the population at any given time. That’s one out of every five people. During the pandemic, studies have shown that there has been an increase somewhere between 25 and 50% in the prevalence of anxiety. So that would mean that at any […]

Anxiety and the Pandemic

The Impact of the Pandemic on Our Mental Health and Well Being  Michele Gibbons-Carr, Ph.D.  Two years ago, COVID-19 exploded worldwide, spread rapidly, and created the emergency condition of the pandemic. We have lived in a state of emergency for the last two years.  This has had significant and dramatic impact on our mental health, […]

Anxiety: Considering Its Causes 

Dr. James Ballard  Anxiety is one of those words that looks and sounds like it should be wearing a white professional coat, a stethoscope, glasses, and have terrible bedside manner. If ever there was a word that rings as old school “medical,” anxiety is that word. Given such, the term and its meaning seem far […]

Treatment for Anxiety 

Carol Bazis  Treatment for anxiety disorders can include a variety of modalities, including psychotherapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication, psychoeducation, support and therapy groups, and stress management techniques. Research shows that CBT is the most effective form of treatment for those coping with anxiety and depression and that the combination of CBT and medication has the […]