Why is Mental Health Awareness Important?

Bill Kuzbit Depending upon the research reviewed, it is estimated that at any time, approximately 20% of the  population is dealing with a mental illness. Statistically, this means if you are a family of five, it is likely  someone has a diagnosable mental illness. This high prevalence is one of the main reasons for mental  […]

How Do I Keep My Mind Mentally Fit?

Bill Kuzbit  In recent years, it has been difficult not to see a print ad, TV commercial, billboard, or medium that  doesn’t touch on some element of physical fitness. Though these are very prominent and easy to find,  how often do you see or hear about the concept of getting your mind mentally fit? Probably […]

How I Can Clear My Mental Clutter?

Bill Kuzbit We are bombarded with tips and hacks on how to de-clutter our closet and how to keep our desks  organized and clutter-free. There is plenty of help out there for getting a handle on physical clutter. But  what about mental clutter? You know, the numerous thoughts and expectations that we have swirling  in […]

How Can I Shake Off Negative Life Experiences and Choose Growth?

Bill Kuzbit Have you ever found yourself focused on past events so much so that it interfered with what you were  trying to do? Many of us have had thoughts get us stuck in the past so much so that these thoughts  seem to control the present. It doesn’t have to be that way! We […]

Why is Mental Health Important?

Stan Fleming, MSW  Though you may think Why is Mental Health Important? to be a simple question, you must also consider  it to be a vital one. It is critical that we understand the importance of mental health and how it affects  our everyday living. As a Mental Health Therapist, clients have asked me this […]

What is the Effect of Positive Thinking on the Mind?

by Carol Bazis, LCSW-C  “Think positively.” How many times have you heard this phrase or said it to someone else? Probably more times than you can recall. Well, there is something to be said about positive  thinking with science to support it.  Positive thinking can be described as being able to think optimistically or on […]

Life Coaching vs Therapy

(How do I know when to see a Life Coach versus a Psychotherapist?) By Donna Holland Barnes  Coaching focuses on visioning success. Therefore, the present state of a person is recognized and what is emphasized is moving forward into the future. You want to improve your performance and learn about any barriers you may have […]

How Does Aging Affect The Mind?

by Claire N. Agard, PhD, CCTP The mind is the manifest of the brain! If you think about it, what we refer to as our “minds” is actually a collection  of thoughts, feelings, and actions governed by the brain. There are regions of our brains that are responsible for  many processes that we attribute to […]

When Mindfulness Meets The Classroom: Benefits of Mindfulness In Schools

by Claire N. Agard, PhD, CCTP Probably the easiest way to explain what mindfulness is, is by explaining what it isn’t. Let’s start  with an example of “mindlessness”. Some of us have many “mindless” moments during a single  day. Take this example, I’m driving to work using the same route I do every day. suddenly […]